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with This Party I Thee Dance

May. 24th, 2009 | 06:55 am
location: Braddock, PA 15104
posted by: bedlamboy in mordantprods

10pm 424 Library St Braddock PA 15104 18+ dancing 21+ drinking

No cover! Donations welcome, proceeds to benefit community programs in Braddock. Invite and bring everyone you know. You want to. You know you want to.

Braddock is making a comeback. It has become a hotbed of artistic happenings. It features community gardens & urban farming initiatives that feed anyone who needs it. The community of Braddock seeks to improve the lives of it's youth thru after-school programs & arts based organizations. They need attention and funding. Their efforts to invigorate neighborhood beautification, in every way, needs your support. Your donation of $10, $5, even $2 will make a big difference for Braddock.

Show your support as you dance to the sounds of

DJ n8thesk8
- founder of super secret dance party & upstage nation, man about town, spins an eclectic mix of 80's, indie, goth & underground dance music of every kind.

DJ ding!bat
-maven of all that is spooky in the steel city, upstage nation & super secret dance party team member, spins a frothy mix of punk, old, new & classic, 80's left-of-center hits that get PBR drinkers away from the bar & onto the floor

DJ Eamon gegen Aaron
-one time only comeback reunion revenge appearance. They will destroy you and all you hold dear.

Your ears will thank you. Your feet will never forgive you.

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The Last Dance: TONIGHT w/ Dyksick, Wreckcreation, & Patricia Wake

Nov. 2nd, 2007 | 12:18 pm
posted by: funkadelicjosh in mordantprods

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Bella Morte and ThouShaltNot on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend

Apr. 9th, 2006 | 07:52 pm
posted by: mordantprod in mordantprods

Raise the dead by partying down at Memorial: Dead Man's Party!

This past Wednesday, I was able to confirm the bands and venue for Mordant Productions' first all ages event: Memorial: Dead Man's Party.
Bella Morte and ThouShaltNot headline. The opening band is to be announced. DJ Imperium will spin until the doors close. Cover is $10 in Advance and $12 at the door.

This will also be the first opportunity for fans of ThouShaltNot to get their new album "Land Dispute" which will be released on May 23rd. Yes, you'll be able to get it more quickly than ordering it on Amazon or Isotank.

This is a funeral party themed mini-festival at the Oakland Cafe (located at 219 Atwood St., Pittsburgh).

The exact time needs to be confirmed but it will be in the evening and will run until 2am. No need to worry about working the next day since it's Memorial Day Weekend! The Oakland Cafe will is waiting for its liquor license, but it should be a full service bar by the time our show starts.

These bands haven't been to Pittsburgh in a few years and it's really exciting that they will be able to play an all ages show in Oakland, Pittsburgh.


Mordant Productions

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Dead Man's Party

Mar. 28th, 2006 | 08:48 pm
posted by: mordantprod in mordantprods

The theme for the first event has been decided. The title is "Memorial: Dead Man's Party". It should be the coolest funeral party in town. The target date is May 28th, which is the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.

Thanks to everyone who helped me fine tune the concept. The final line up and the venue still needs to be confirmed. I have some bands and djs lined up, but I don't want to announce anything until all the details are nailed. I'm trying to confirm the venue next week.

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